Mobile Banking BRI for Android

Posted: Agustus 5, 2012 in software

Coba share buat pengguna android yang belum tahu adanya aplikasi mobile banking BRI. Silahkan diunduh di HP masing-masing.

Alamat unduh disini: Mobile Banking BRI for Android
Mobile Banking BRI is a secure and convenient sms-based mobile banking application to access your account anytime anywhere.
Using your Mobile Banking BRI, you will likely run your BRI
owned-branches in your hand and can do any banking transaction such
1) balance inquiry
2) intra and inter-bank transfer under Bersama, Prima, and Link ATM Network
3) purchase
4) bill payment
5) change PIN Mobile Banking BRI
How to get it started? You simply go to BRI’s ATM and branches network, then register your mobile phone number.
Next, you can download latest updated Mobile Banking BRI application available at Google Play.
For further information, please contact Call BRI at 14017 or +62 21 57987400


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